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Ferran Aragon Manresa
Anàlisi Prosopogràfica del Catòlic-Catalanisme Científic (1904-1910)
Supervisor/s: José Pardo Tomás
Date of defense: 04-09-2012

At the beginnings of the XXth century in Catalonia a community of amateur naturalists worked through the natural history studies for the construction of the catalan national identity. In the present work we analyzed the social and ideological features of this group of people that we called 'Scientific Catholic-Catalanism'. We applied the collective biography, or prosopographic method, over a selection of individuals that were representative of this community in order to unveil the personal relationships that joined them as well as the ideology that they shared. Our study shows that the Scientific Catholic-Catalanism was a relatively homogeneous and compacted social network that consisted of young people working in liberal professions or belonging to the Catholic Church, who shared a bourgeoisie doctrine based on regionalism, conservativism and confessionalism. After exploring the multiple ways in which ideology was transmitted to the scientific literature that the members of our study group produced we verified the capacity that science has for the generation of national identity symbols and ideological forms in general.