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Marina Garzón Barrios
Reconstrucción histórica de La science et L'hypothèse de Henri Poincaré. Su génesis y evolución en Revue de Méthaphysique et de Morale
Supervisor/s: Xavier Roqué Rodríguez
Date of defense: 07-09-2011

This paper is about the process of building La Science et l'hypothèse. A book published by Henri Poincaré in 1902, it derived from different items reported in the Revue et de Morale Méthaphisique, from 1893 to 1906 period that corresponds to the crisis of physics late of XIX. The hypothesis of this paper supposes that the existence of a tension between humanists and scientists was the cause of Poincare's philosophical writing because scientists sought to legitimize their intellectual status in the academic circle. La Science et l'hypothèse was written against philosophical criticism, arguing the conventional nature of science and the importance of scientific theories, to contribute in solving the crisis in physics. It discusses the historiography that describes this period as a crucial historical moment to explain the status gained by science, especially physics, during the first half of the twentieth century.