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German Alberto Hernández Herrera
La temporada de navegación en el Mediterráneo
Supervisor/s: Mònica Rius
Date of defense: 07-09-2011

This article examines the shipping season in the Mediterranean as portrayed in several Arabic and Islamic sources, such as calendars and riḥlas. The season was vitally important when it came to interaction between the various peoples in terms of culture and commerce. By using calendars, a study is conducted on the dates on which shipping began and ended, analysing the meteorology indicated in the calendars throughout the year. In order to compare the data appearing in the calendars with the shipping season applied by mariners during the Middle Ages, journey chronicles are used. The aim is to determine a link between the shipping season indicated in calendars and the most frequently popular period for shipping in the Mediterranean. Likewise, the manner in which the shipping season has evolved from ancient times to the Middle Ages is examined along with the foremost scientific and technical factors that have been applied in order to improve shipping. This analysis could have a direct impact on the way the shipping season is understood.