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María Laura Moreno Fernández
Los primeros catalanes. Jordi, Pau y Lluc, el influjo nacionalista en la búsqueda de los orígenes humanos
Supervisor/s: Oliver Hochadel

Catalan nationalism since its inception has strong links with science, appearing as a distinctive and differentiating feature from the rest of the Spanish culture. Noting the promotion and development that some disciplines, such as paleontology and anthropology, which become strategic to support the ideals of a nationalist policy, presented to the discoveries of human ancestors as symbols of Catalan culture.
The Miocene apes are supposed to shed new light on human evolution. At same time, the discoveries of the paleontologist Salvador Moyà Solà of “Jordi, Pau and then Lluc” became national cultural symbols of the democratic Catalonia, between 1990 and 2010.