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Javier Fernández Garrido
La correspondencia entre Robert Moray y Christiaan Huygens (1661-1669): Encuentros y desencuentros en la promoción del conocimiento
Supervisor/s: José Romo Feito

Sir Robert Moray (1608/9-1673) was a soldier, courtier and Scottish man of science, who was in exile during the period of Oliver Cromwell. Just a short time after his return to England and thanks to his close friendship with Charles II, he is linked to the group that will form the Royal Society of London. Moray will be nominated the first president of that institution during the first months and he has been recognized as an essential figure for understanding the consolidation of the Royal Society. Moray also established an important correspondence with Christiaan Huygens, where matters of great importance in the 1660s are dealt with, such as the calculation of longitude at sea by using the pendulum clock and the construction and experimentation with the pneumatic machine (emblem of the experimental program by Robert Boyle). The tensions on issues of priority in different areas of knowledge are also reflected in this correspondence. One of these is the bitter controversy that confronted James Gregory with Huygens, which will put an end to the correspondence between Moray and the Dutch scientist.