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José Manuel Gutiérrez García
La tuberculosis bovina como zoonosis en la España contemporánea (1850-1950)
Supervisor/s: Jorge Molero Mesa
Date of defense: 10-07-2003

Detailed study of tuberculosis in Spain has been undertaken by many authors from differing perspectives, and the approaches to analysing this disease are varied. In the early days, studies centred on the major findings and biographies of doctors who played a major role in the fight against tuberculosis, although more recently the general tendency has been on emphasising the epidemiological and social aspects related to the disease. All the works published in Spain, however, whether they be based on the earlier approach to the problem, or stem from a more modern historiography, have had a common denominator: the scant attention paid to the impact of bovine tuberculosis as a source of infection to humans. This, in the majority of cases, has been an important omission.

This doctoral thesis, from a historical perspective, attempts to fill this void, giving the subject of zoonotic transmission of bovine tuberculosis all the attention it deserves, and underlines the importance of this animal disease on human health.