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Physics, Culture, and Politics in Spain

Leading researcher: Xavier Roqué Rodríguez
Funding entity: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad
Duration: 2012 - 2014

Director: Xavier Roqué Rodríguez
Funding body: Ministerio de Economía y Comptetitividad
Period: 2012 - 2014


Marià Baig
Departament de Física i CEHIC, UAB

Lino Camprubí

Néstor Herran
Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

Pedro Ruiz-Castell
Institut d'Història de la Medicina i de la Ciència López Piñero, Universitat de València

Jordi Sequero
Tècnic de Suport a la Recerca, Servei d’Arxius de Ciència, UAB

The project is devoted to the study of the cultural and political relations of modern physics in Spain. The project has four main aims:

1) To create a catalogue of primary sources related to the history of physics in Spain through the 20th century.

2) To complete the identification of archival sources pertaining to the History of Physics in Spain throughout this period, and to run an oral history programme in order to recover the historical  memory of the main Spanish physicists through this period.

3) To maintain and extend the data base on secondary sources for the history of physics in Spain in the 20th century, which is a main outcome of our previous project.

4) To complete or undertake case-studies on the History of Physics in Spain, particularly during the second half of the 20th century.

Our project relates to studies on other national contexts that exhibit the close relationship between physics and the cultural and political domains. We believe that the systematic study of the Spanish case will keep allowing us to draw comparative conclusions and will help integrate our studies in both the Spanish and the international historiographies.