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History of Science, Technology and Medicine in modern Catalonia (18th-20th centuries)

Leading researcher: Agustí Nieto-Galan
Funding entity: AGAUR, Generalitat de Catalunya
Duration: 2009 - 2013

Joining efforts among our local community of historians of science, we aim to produce high quality research results, which can make our local case studies internationally recognized in the mainstream historiography.
Under the leadership of the Centre d’Història de la Ciència (CEHIC), the group gathers scholars from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), the consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), and the Museu d’Història de la Medicina de Catalunya (MHMC). It will work in this new period under the title: “History of Science, Technology and Medicine in modern Catalonia (18th-20th centuries)”.
Our research work is inspired by John V. Pickstone’s book Ways of Knowing (2000), which
provides a new and accessible framework for understanding science, technology, and medicine (STM). Pickstone's approach synthesizes the long-term histories and philosophies of disciplines that are normally studied separately. It dissects STM into specific ways of knowing—natural history, analysis, experimentalism, and technoscience—with separate but interlinked elements. It explores these ways of knowing as forms of work related to our various technologies for making, mending, and destroying. And finally, it relates scientific and technical knowledge to popular understandings and to politics. For the crossing of traditional STM boundaries, we will make also extensive use of the history of communication practices, “knowledge in transit” in James Secord’s terms. In that context, case studies which apparently belong to a single discipline will be integrated in a STM programme through the analysis of teaching and popularization processes, such as the training of engineers in technical schools, the popularization of medicine, and the image of nuclear physics in the public sphere, among many other examples.


The group consists of 13 principal investigators

Herran, Néstor

Hochadel, Oliver [+]

Martínez Vidal, Alvar [+]

Massa Esteve, Mª Rosa

Molero Mesa, Jorge [+]

Mülberger, Annette [+]

Nieto-Galan, Agustí [+]

Pardo Tomás, José

Puig, Carles

Roca-Rosell, Antoni

Ruiz Castell, Pedro [+]

Roqué, Xavier [+]

Zarzoso, Alfons


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Nieto Galan, Agustí; Roca Rosell, Antoni (2003). Scientific Education and the Crisis of the University in 18th Century Barcelona. In: Feingold, M.; Navarro-Brotons, V. (eds.) Universities and Science in Early Modern Period. Dordrecht: Springer, p. 273-288

A group of people who collaborate with group members who comprise the true collective of historians of science behind it:

Dr. Carlos Acosta (UAB)
Dr. Joan Carles Alayo (UPC)
Dra. Mònica Balltondre (UAB)
Dr. Francesc Barca (UPC)
Dr. Pasqual Bernat (UAB)
Dra. Mónica Blanco (UPC)
Xavier Calvó (UAB)
Dr. Josep Maria Camarasa (IEC)
Agustí Camós (UAB)
Alfons Carpio (UAB)
Juan Carlos García Reyes (CSIC)
Luis Duque (UAB)
Dr. Pere Grapí (UAB)
Sara Fajula (MHMC)
Reis Fontanals (BC)
Jesús Gallech (UAB)
Dra. Matiana González (UAB)
Dr. José Manuel Gutiérrez (UAB)
Dr. Carles Hervás (Vall d'Hebrón-UAB)
Marta Jordi (MPI)
Sara Lugo (UAB)
Dr. Guillermo Lusa (UPC)
Luis Navarro (UB)
Dra. Núria Pérez (UPF)
Dra. Fàtima Romero (UPC)
Dra. Emma Sallent (UB)
Dr. Jesús Sánchez Miñana (UPC)
Jaume Sastre (UAB)
Elena Serrano (UAB)
Dr. Raimon Sucarrats (UAB)
Dr. Carlos Tabernero (UOC)
Miquel Terreu (UAB)
Yoko Tochigui (UAB)
Tania Trigo (UAB)
Jaume Valentines (UPC)
José Joaquin Valera (UAB)
Xavier Vall (UAB)
Laura Valls (CSIC)