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de Bianchi, Silvia
Marie Curie Fellow Beatriu de Pinós Programme


Dr De Bianchi received her PhD in Philosophy (2010) at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" with the thesis "Questioni epistemologiche nella scienza della natura dell'ultimo Kant". In October 2014 she joined the CEHIC as Marie Curie Fellow (FP7 PEOPLE-COFUND, Beatriu de Pinós Programme). Her project "Breaking Rules: Hermann Weyl in between the WWII and the Cold War. A History of Parity Violation" focuses on Hermann Weyl’s work at Princeton (1934-1955). Her research interests include Early Modern Philosophy, with emphasis on Immanuel Kant, and current debates on explanation in the Philosophy of Science.


Contact Information


Facultat de Ciències

Campus de la UAB 

08193 Bellaterra


Areas of Specialization

Immanuel Kant

Early Modern Philosophy

History of 18th century Astronomy

Hermann Weyl

History of 18th and 20th century physics


Publications (selection)


-The Harmony of the Sphere: Kant and Herschel on the Universe and the Astronomical Phenomena, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne (2013).

- Kant: scritti di astronomia e geofisica, Mimesis Edizioni, Milano (in Press)


-“Explanation and the dimensionality of space. Kant’s argument revisited” with J. Wells, in Synthese, 192, 1, (2015), pp. 287-303.  

-“How far can we go with fuzzy logic? Perspectives on model-based reasoning and stochastic resonance in scientific models”, with Silvia Gaudenzi, in Logic Journal of IGPL, 21, 6 (2013), 1044-1056.

-“Cartesian echoes in Kant’s philosophy of nature” with M. Massimi, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A, 44 (2013), 481-492


Other publications are available here