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Badino, Massimiliano
Post-doctoral Research Fellow


My research focuses upon order and disorder in mechanics and more particularly upon the development of the concepts of stability and ergodicity. I have worked in the history of statistical mechanics and of quantum theory with a specific attention on the key figures of Ludwig Boltzmann and Max Planck. I am also interested in issues such as continuity and discontinuity in science, the grow of knowledge and the scientific development.

Research lines
History of Statistical Mechanics (19th-20th century)
History of Mechanics (18th-20th century)
Philosophy of Science

Publications (Selection)
Badino, Massimiliano, "Mechanistic Slumber vs. Statistical Insomnia: The Early Phase of Boltzmann's H-theorem (1868-1877)", European Physical Journal - H, 36 (3) 353-378, 2011
Badino, Massimiliano, "The Odd Couple: Boltzmann, Planck and the Application of Statistics to Physics (1900-1913)", Annalen der Physik, 18 (2-3) 81-101, 2009.
Badino, Massimiliano, "The Foundational Role of Ergodic Theory", Foundations of Science, 11 (4) 323-347, 2006.
Badino, Massimiliano, "An Application of Information Theory to the Problem of Scientific Experiment", Synthese, 140 (3) 355-389, 2004.
Badino, Massimiliano and Robotti, Nadia, "Max Planck and the Constants of Nature", Annals of Science, 58, 137-162, 2001.