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Roqué Rodríguez, Xavier
Senior lecturer
Department of Philosophy, UAB


Member of the CEHIC and senior lecturer of the  Department of Philosophy at the UAB. Director of the CEHIC (2000-2010) and director of graduate studies in History of Science (2000-2010). He currently coordinates the Master in History of Science: Science, History and Society (UAB-UB). He has taught History of Science in the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities. His research deals with the history of the physical sciences in the 20th century, the relations between science and industry, and gender and science.

Department of Philosophy

Contact information

Center of History of Science (CEHIC), office D3-04
Research Module C
Carrer Can Magrans, s/n
Campus UAB
08193 Bellaterra-Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona)
+34 93 586 86 83

Research interests

History of contemporary physics
Science Archives Service    

Undergraduate teaching

History of physics (Faculty of Sciences)
History of science (Faculty of Philosophy)

Postgraduate teaching

From Frankenstein to Einstein: contemporary science and society
Science in history: tools, subjects and periods
Dissertation project

Current research projects

Science Archives Service
Physics, culture, and politics in Spain (2012-2014)

PhD dissertations supervised

Néstor Herran (2006), Radioactividad en España. Ascenso y declive del Instituto de Radiactividad, 1904-1929
Carlos Acosta (2009), La herencia científica del exilio español en América. José Royo Gómez en el Servicio Geológico Nacional de Colombia

Main publications

(with Antoni Roca-Rosell) "Physical Science in Barcelona," Physics in Perspective 15 (2013): 470–498 DOI 10.1007/s00016-013-0122-4 >>> pdf Author-created version. The final publication is available at

(with Néstor Herran) "An Autarkic Science: Physis, Culture, and Power in Franco's Spain," Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences 43, no. 2 (2013): 202–235.

(with Néstor Herran, eds.) La física en la dictadura. Físicos, cultura y poder en España, 1939–1975 (Bellaterra: Servei de Publicacions de la UAB, 2012). +info

“Membership of CERN and the European Scope of Spanish Physics”. In Antoni Roca-Rosell, ed. (2012) The Circulation of Science and Technology: Proceedings of the
4th International Conference of the ESHS (Barcelona: SCHCT-IEC, 2012), p. 773–777.

“Releer a Curie”. Introduction to Marie Curie, Escritos biográficos (Bellaterra: Edicions UAB, 2011), p. 9–33.

Niels Bohr, L’estructura i la filosofia dels àtoms. Ed. by John Heilbron, Catalan translation by X. Roqué (Clàssics de la Ciència, X). Barcelona: Institut d’Estudis Catalans; Vic: Eumo, 2010.

Herran, Néstor; Roqué, Xavier (2009). "Tracers of modern technoscience". Introduction to Isotopes: Science, Technology, and Medicine in Twentieth Century Science, special issue of Dynamis, 29 (2009), p. 123-130. >>>pdf

"Marie Curie, icona ambivalent". Introducció a Marie Curie, Pierre Curie (Santa Coloma de Queralt: Obrador Edèndum, 2009), 9-43. +info

Roqué, Xavier, (2005). "Henri Poincaré en la història de la relativitat". In: Curs H. Poincaré 2003-2004 (Barcelona: Facultat de Matemàtiques i Estadística, UPC), p. 131-144. >>>pdf

Acosta, Carlos; Cuvi, Nicolás y Roqué, Xavier (2003). Ciencia entre España e Hispanoamérica. Ecos del siglo XX. Bellaterra: Centre d’Estudis d’Història de les Ciències.

Roqué, Xavier (2001). "Displacing radioactivity". In: Shinn, T.; Joerges, B. eds. Instrumentation. Between Science, State, and Industry (Dordrecht: Kluwer), p. 51-68. >>>pdf

Roqué, Xavier, (2000). Albert Einstein. La teoria de la relativitat i altres textos. Introduction, translation and notes by X. Roqué. Barcelona: Pòrtic; Institut d’Estudis Catalans; Vic: Eumo.

Roqué, Xavier, (1997). “The Manufacture of the Positron”. Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, 28, pp. 73–129. >>>pdf

Roqué, Xavier, (enero 1997). “Ciencia e industria en el desarrollo de la radiactividad: El caso de Marie Curie”. Arbor, 156, núm. 613 pp. 25–49. 

Roqué, Xavier, (1997). “Marie Curie and the Radium Industry: A Preliminary Sketch”. History and Technology, 7, pp. 267–291. 

Roqué, Xavier, (1992). “Møller Scattering: A Neglected Application of Early Quantum Electrodynamics”. Archive for History of Exact Sciences, 44, pp. 197–264.

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