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Malet Tomàs, Antoni
University Professor
Departament of Humanities, Pompeu Fabra University

Professor of History of Science at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, majored in Mathematics (Universitat de Barcelona) and got a doctorate in History at Princeton University. He has been research fellow or visiting professor at the universities of Princeton, California (San Diego), Toronto, and París VII. He was Marie Curie senior Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin (2013-2015). Editorial Board member of Annals of Science and Historia Mathematica, where he served as Book Review Editor (2006-2011), he is Fellow of the Académie Internationale d'Histoire des Sciences, and currently the President of the European Society for the History of Science (2016-2018). His research focuses mainly on 16th- and 17th-century mathematics and optics, optical and mathematical instruments, and the early modern philosophy of mathematics. He has also worked on the politics and institutions of science in Francoist Spain and their legacy. He is currently working on the sociological understanding of conceptual change in early modern mathematics.

Contact information
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27 08005 Barcelona 
Tel. +34 93 5422542

Research interests
Optics, optical instruments and visual theory in early modern Europe
16th- and 17thcentury mathematics and mathematization
Natural philosophy and religion in the 17th century; scientific institutions in 20th-century Spain.
Funded research projects
2016-2020 (HAR2015-70985-P): “Cambio conceptual y práctica matemática en la Europa Moderna / Mathematical Practice and Conceptual Change in Early Modern Europe” (Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad).
2013-2016 (Gerda Henkel Stiftung): “Tacit Knowledge and Conceptual Change in Early Modern Mathematics” (Max Planck Institut for the History of Science)
2010-2012 (HAR2009-12981) “Matemáticas mixtas y filosofía natural en la Europa moderna” (Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia).
PhD dissertations supervised
Carlos Calderón (2013)
El monocordio como instrumento científico en los siglos XVI y XVII: Ramos de  Pareja, Zarlino, Mersenne.
Anna Mª Oller (1995)
Walter Charleton (1620-1707): Filosofia natural, teologia natural i ètica
Mª-Rosa Massa (1998)
La geometría especiosa i les quadratures de Pietro Mengoli (1625-1686)
Xavier Docampo (2004)
La formación matemática del mercader catalán, 1380-1521. Análisis de fuentes Manuscritas.
Maria do Céu Pereira da Silva (2011)
La obra matemática de Juan Pérez de Moya en el contexto de los saberes matemáticos de la península Ibérica do seculo XVI
Main publications
Malet, T. “Newton's Mathematics”. Forthcoming in C. Smeenk, ed. The Oxford Handbook of Isaac Newton (Oxford: Oxford University Press).
Malet, T. (2017) “Newton in Spain and Portugal”. In S. Mandelbrote, H. Pulte, eds., The Reception of Isaac Newton in Europe. London, ch. 11.
Malet, T.  (2016) “Della Porta, Kepler, and the Changing Notion of Optical Image c. 1600”. In: M. Santoro (ed) La “mirabile” natura. Magia e scienza in Giovan Battista della Porta (1615-2015). Pisa-Roma: Fabrizio Serra Editore, pp. 147-158.
Malet, T. (2016) “Science, History, and Identity in Francoist Spain, the Early Years”. In: S. Brentjes, T. Edis, L. Richter-Bernburg (eds.). 1001 Mistakes. How (Not) to Narrate History of Science, Medicine and Technology in Non- Western Cultures. Würzburg: Ergon Verlag, pp. 53-74.
Malet, T.  (2015) “Isaac Barrow’s Indivisibles”. In: V. Jullien (ed.) Seventeenth-century Indivisibles Revisited. Basel, etc.: Birkhäuser, pp. 275-284.