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Hochadel, Oliver
Tenured scientist
Medical and scientific culture in urban spaces group, Institució Milà i Fontanals-CSIC

Works on the interaction between science and its audiences. His case studies include electricity in the Enlightenment, the history of zoos (19th to 20th centuries), specifically the Barcelona zoo, the history of “human-origins research” (20th century), science and nationalism (20th century) and fraud in science.

Contact address

Spanish National Research Council
Institució Milà i Fontanals

Egipcíaques, 15
08001 Barcelona
+34 93 442 34 89

Research interests

History of Science popularisation (18th century-present)
History of Electricity (18th century)
History of the Zoo (19th century)
History of Paleoanthropology (20th century)

Funded research projects
2014-2017 (HAR2013-48065-C2-1-P): "Ciencia y Ciudad. Historia Natural, Biología y Biopolítica en la Urbe Dividida. Barcelona frente a Buenos Aires (1868-1936)". Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad, Gobierno de España

PhD dissertations supervised
Carandell Baruzzi, Miquel (2015)
Orce Man. A Public Controversy in Spanish Human Origins Research, 1982-2007

Main publications (last five years)

Hochadel, Oliver; Nieto-Galán, Augstí (eds) (2016) Barcelona: An Urban History of Science and Modernity, 1888-1929. London / New York, Routledge, 258 pp.

Hochadel, Oliver; Carandell, Miquel; Florensa, Clara (eds) (2016) Scoops, Scams and Scuffles. The Construction of Prehistoric Knowledge in Newspapers. Centaurus, 58 (3): 135-256.

Hochadel, Oliver, Nieto-Galan, Agustí (2016) How to write an urban history of STM on the “periphery”. Technology and Culture, 56 (4): 978-988.

Hochadel, Oliver (2015) Ursprung und Überwindung. Heldengeschichten aus ‘Atapuerca’. In: Azzouni, Safia; Böschen, Stefan; Reinhardt, Carsten (eds) Erzählung und Geltung. Wissenschaft zwischen Autorschaft und Autorität. Velbrück Wissenschaft, pp. 107-132.

Hochadel, Oliver (2013) El mito de Atapuerca. Orígenes, ciencia, divulgación. Bellaterra, Servei de Publicacions de la UAB, 389 pp.