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Herran, Néstor
Marie-Curie fellow
Institut de Recherche en Sciences et Technologie (IRIST), Université d'Strasbourg


Contact information
Institut de Recherche en Sciences et Technologie (IRIST)
Université d'Strasbourg
7 rue de l'Université
67000 Strasbourg

Research interests
History of physics in Spain (20th century)
History of informatics in Spain (20th century)
History of radioactivity and nuclear technology in Europe (20th century)
History of scientific communication (20th century)

Undergraduate teaching

History of philosophical and scientific thinking

Postgraduate teaching
Science in history: tools, subjects and periods
From Frankenstein to Einstein: contemporary science and society

Current research projects
Basis for a history of physics in Spain

Main publications

González-Silva, Matiana; Herran, Néstor (2009). "Ideology, Elitism, and Social Commitment. Alternative Images of Science in Two Barcelona Newspapers at the 'fin de siecle'". Centaurus 51(2): 97-115.

Herran, Nestor (2008). Aguas, semillas y radiaciones. El Laboratorio de Radiactividad
de la Universidad de Madrid, 1904-1929
. Madrid: CSIC. [front cover and table of contents at the CSIC Website]

Simon, Josep; Herran, Néstor eds. (2008) Beyond Borders: Fresh Perspectives in
History of Science
. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. [Sample Introduction at CSP Website]

Herran, Nestor et al., eds. (2007). Synergia: Jóvenes investigadores en historia de la
. Madrid: CSIC.

Herran, Nestor (2006). “Spreading Nucleonics: the Isotope School at the Atomic Energy
Research Establishment, 1951-1967”
, British Journal of the History of Science 39(4): 569–586.

Herran, Nestor, (2005). “Building Interdisciplinarity: An Instrumental Framework for the History of Radiocarbon Dating”. In: A. Mülberger & B. Gómez-Zúñiga, Recent Contributions to the History of the Human Sciences. Munich: Profil, p. 148-165.