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Utopian Feminist Urbanisms? Seminario CEHIC-Residència Faber

Brenda Parker (Universitat d'Illinois), martes 30 de enero, 15.00 h, Unitat d'Història de la Medicina, Facultat de Medicina UAB
cehic 26/01/2018

Brenda Parker
Brenda Parker

Utopian Feminist Urbanisms? Challenging Dichotomies and Determinism

In this talk, Brenda Parker will discuss feminist critiques of urbanism, both as a science and as a practice. She will describe empirical and epistemic violences, erasures, and inequalities in the way that cities are often theorized, built, and governed; and how feminist, postcolonial, and queer urbanists are disrupting dichotomies to present more nuanced analysis of power and resistance. Drawing from her recently published book, Masculinities and Markets: Raced and Gendered Urban Politics, she will briefly discuss her feminist approach to studying Milwaukee and Chicago, postindustrial cities in the Midwestern United States. This work explores both the embodied experiences of poor residents of color, as well as specific practices of urban officials and developers. She will close with brief thoughts on how we might imagine alternative urban futures through theory and practice.



Brenda Parker is an Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Policy at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Her research interests work at the intersections of feminist theory, geography, and urbanism. She focuses on gendered, raced, and political economic inequalities, particularly in North American cities. She uses feminist theories to analyze these inequalities and how they are manifested and transformed in cities and knowledge production processes, to understand how we might cultivate better cities for all residents. Among other projects, she has studied urban governance, incarceration and its effects, housing, community development and community organizing, community mapping, urban homesteading, and progressive and urban policies and practices. Her book, Masculinities and Markets: Raced and Gendered Urban Politics in Milwaukee was recently published by the University of Georgia Press (2017) and she has articles in journals such as AntipodeUrban Geography, and Gender, Place, and Culture.