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Bruno J. Strasser, visiting lecturer of the PhD Program in History of Science (UB-UAB)

Dr. Bruno J. Strasser, from Yale University, will give four master lectures and a doctoral seminar in the PhD Program in History of Science (UB-UAB)
cehic 03/06/2009

Seattle 1962
Seattle 1962

Las clases y el seminario de doctorado tendrán lugar entre los días 9 y 19 de junio, en el seminario del CEHIC. Las sesiones de máster corresponden al módulo "De Frankenstein a Einstein: ciencia y sociedad contemporáneas", pero están abiertas a todos los alumnos del máster y personas interesadas, que pueden solicitar las lecturas recomendadas a



The purpose of this course is to characterize the “molecular revolution” in the life sciences in its intellectual, social, cultural and political dimensions. This course will examine how the “molecular revolution” has transformed our representations of life and disease, behavior and destiny, race and identity. It will also explore the changing relationships between the life sciences and society, as well as the transformation in research practices during the 20th century. This course will cover some of the key achievements in the history of the life sciences in order to address broader historigraphical issues, such as the role of technology and research practices, intellectual and political migrations, science policy and philanthropic foundations, local networks and trans-national exchanges, social construction of risks and commodification of life, politics of memory and popular representation of science. Readings will include newspapers articles, scientific papers, popular literature, autobiographies, movies, and recent historical literature in the field.



Tuesday 9 june, 16h a 19h
“Introduction: The molecular vision of life"

Friday 12 june, 10h-13h
“The secret of life? The discovery of the DNA double helix"

Tuesday 16 june, 10h-13h
PhD students seminar

Tuesday 16 june, 16h-19h
“Rethinking the ‘Molecular Revolution’”
Readings (selection): Session 3 (1); Abir-Am (2002); Rasmussen (1997)

Friday 19 june, 16-19h
“From Molecular Biology to Biotechnology?”
Readings (selection): Session 4 (1); Kevles (1997); Strasser (2008)


Course syllabus

Bruno J. Strasser in the Department of History at Yale University