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D. Pestre, Ciència, diners i política (Obrador Edèndum, 2008)

Dominique Pestre's Ciència, diners i política (Obrador Edèndum, 2008) has been published as n.2 of the collection Ciència i Acció, directed by the centre.
Xavier Roqué 26/04/2009

Pestre portada
Pestre portada

This book connects science with politics and economics, both past and present, and attempts
to grasp the variety of ways in which knowledge has been developed over time. It emphasizes the complex links that bring together knowledge with the workings of society and looks at the profound changes that we have experienced over the last two or three decades.
Starting with the transformations of the sciences between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, it examines the new interactions that have been established between the production of knowledge and social and political institutions. In particular, it looks at the dominant scientific activity between 1870 and 1980, a crucial period of transformation that still marks us to this day.  

The objective of the book is to create a critical vision of the past that will help us understand the recent changes that have occurred.  With this aim, it offers a rigorous analysis of the new balance that prevails today between open science and private science and reflects on the challenges that science presents for societies and individuals of the early twenty-first century.

DOMINIQUE PESTRE was initially trained as a physicist; he is a historian of French science who studies the social implications of scientific research. Currently, he is director of the Centre Alexandre Koyré (Paris), associated with the Centre de Recherche en Histoire des Sciences et des Techniques, a prestigious academic institution that collaborates with CNRS and the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle.