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PhD Thesis in History of Science (UAB-UB) - Gonzalo Gimeno Valentín-Gamazo

La matemática de los quanta en España. El andamiaje de la física teórica en el intervalo (1925-1955) [borroso]
cehic 26/06/2015

26 de juny de 2015, 12h, Sala de Graus de la Facultat de Ciències de la UAB

Tribunal: Jaume Navarro, Xavier Roqué, Pedro Ruiz-Castell

In this dissertation we look into the role of mathematics in the process of circulation and assimilation of quantum mechanics in Spain from 1925 to 1955. By the end of the year 1925, the discipline nowadays known as quantum mechanics was developed at the European centre by scientists such as Max Born, Werner Heisenberg Pascual Jordan, Erwin Schrödinger or Paul Dirac. Our work is based on the analysis and interpretation of a collection of writings that gather the more significant contributions of Spanish authors. The analysed documents include conferences, university textbooks, academic papers and other writings of cultural scope. Our tool of analysis has been the role of mathematics in the dissemination process of the new mechanics. We show that the use of mathematics as a transmission vehicle of the new quantum theory suffered some strain between favourable and adverse positions. This strain seemed to moderate after the Spanish Civil War with an increasing use of the new mathematical tools, but the process did not catch up with the progression of the international science.