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"Darwin's images": Julia Voss' lecture, in Videos de la UAB

Dr. Voss' lecture on "Darwin's pictures" is now available in the video-streaming site of the UAB
cehic 12/11/2009

Julia Voss discusses Darwin's pictures
Julia Voss discusses Darwin's pictures

Videos de la UAB has made available in its site Dr. Julia Voss' lecture, "Darwin's pictures: visualizing the theory of evolution (1837-1874). Dr. Voss, a journalist at the Frankfurter Allgemeinen who's been attached to the Max-Planck Institute for the History of Science (Berlin), delivered this lecture on November 4, as part of the celebration, in the Biosciences faculty, of the 150th anniversary of  The Origin of Species (1859).

Videos de la UAB - Voss Darwin