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Conferència de Saulo de Freitas Araujo

W. Wundt's psychology as a case study in the history and philosophy of science
Dimarts 10 de juny, Sala 119 Facultat de Psicologia (UAB), 12h.

CEHIC 28/05/2014


By focusing on Wilhem Wundt, considered the founder of psychology, I aim to reveal some methodological problems in the contemporary history of psychology. Contrary to most historians, I will show that it is not possible to understand Wundt's project of a scientific psychology isolated from his philosophical interests and the specific intellectual and institutional context of German universities of the nineteenth-century. To illustrate my approach, I will explore two themes in Wundt's work from different methodological perspectives: the problem of the unconscious and the relationship between philosophy and the empirical sciences. At the end, I will explore some methodological consequences of this case study for the historiography of psychology.


SAULO DE FREITAS ARAUJO is visiting scholar at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona for the course 2013-2014. He is professor for the History and Philosophy of Psychology at the Department of Psychology, Federal University of Juiz de Fora (Brazil). He is also director of the NUHFIP (Wilhelm Wundt Center for the History and Philosophy of Psychology) at the same institution. His research is primarily concerned with the history and philosophy of scientific psychology. He has published, among others, the following books: "Wilhelm Wundt's Project of a Scientific Psychology: A New Interpretation" (2010), "History and Philosophy of Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives" (2012), and "Echoes of the Past: Studies in the History and Philosophy of Psychology" (2013).  


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