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History of the Physical Sciences in Spain in the 20th Century

Bibliographical database, built on Refworks, which can be accessed online
Xavier Roqué 03/02/2011


Access database

This database stems from two research projects funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, whose support we acknowledge: “Bases para una historia de la física en España (siglo XX)” (HUM2005-02437/HIST), and “Bases para una historia de la física en España en el siglo XX” (HAR2008-05039/HIST). The link above provides access to the references and allows for searches, comments, exports and RSS feeds.

We have left manuals, textbooks, and published primary sources aside, even if we came across many, not because they are not absolutely relevant to our story, but just because we did not search systematically for them (we will do so in the course of our next project). Works dealing with the history of science in Spain in the 20th century generally, or with other disciplines, are also absolutely relevant to our work, but they should perhaps not be included in a dedicated bibliography like this. Nevertheless, we do have included important general works that have a direct bearing on physics, such as L. Sanz Menéndez, Estado, ciencia y tecnología en España 1939-1997 (Madrid: Alianza, 1997), or J. Claret, El atroz desmoche.  La destrucción de la universidad española por el franquismo, 1936–1945 (Barcelona: Crítica, 2006),  along with the few existing general histories that also tell the history of physics, such as J. M. Sánchez Ron, “La europeización científica de España”, in  Historia de España, vol. 11: España y Europa, ed. by Josep Fontana and Ramón Villares (Barcelona: Crítica; Madrid: Marcial Pons, 2008), p. 289–535, or L. López-Ocón, Breve historia de la ciencia española (Madrid: Alianza, 2003).