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Dark Matters: Contents and Discontents of Cold War Science

Barcelona, 31 May - 2 June 2013
CEHIC 31/05/2013


Over the past two decades, scholars in the history of science and science studies have produced a rich body of literature on the interplay between science, the state, and knowledge production in the cold war era.  Subsequent studies have also begun to address a broader range of questions about scientists' political roles and identities; the relationship of science to liberal democracy; science, internationalism, and international relations; hegemony and the post-colonial dimensions of cold war science; and new cultural approaches to the study of science and the cold war.  More recent works are moving in new and exciting directions, from the earlier concern with institutions, geopolitical objectives, and the shaping of research agendas by the military. Part of our goal is to help move the field beyond its overly American-centered focus, and beyond the boundaries of the U.S.-Soviet conflict, by broadening the scope of analysis to other national and regional contexts, as well as the transnational arena of international organization and global community. 

"Dark Matters: Contents and Discontents of Cold War Science" will confront these and other issues by bringing together a representative international group of leading experts for a lively series of discussions about current research, broader conceptual frameworks and questions, and directions for future inquiry.  The results will be disseminated more widely as a conference volume that will offer a prominent statement about the state-of-the-art in the history of cold war science.

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