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ICREA Conference: Personhood and the Locked-In Syndrome

17 i 18 de novembre de 2016, Sala de Juntes de la Facultat de Filosofia i Lletres de la UAB
cehic 26/10/2016

The locked-in syndrome (LIS), in which persons are conscious but almost entirely paralyzed and voiceless, is one of the most dramatic states a human being can find himself or herself in. This international workshop will bring together cognitive neuroscientists, care and neuro-rehabilitation professionals, brain-computer interface experts, individuals involved in LIS patients associations, philosophers, bioethicists, medical anthropologists and sociologists, and historians of the brain/mind sciences to discuss the impact this unique condition has on ways of understanding personhood at the theoretical and practical levels.

While the philosophy of personhood in the Western tradition since the late 17th century has emphasized cognitive capacities and self-consciousness, the experience of LIS contributes to open new ground for understanding how relationality, emotion, communication and phenomenal consciousness (the feeling of what it is like to be in a certain state) are constitutive of personal identity and the sense of self.

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