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Undergraduates studies

Members of the CEHIC teach undergraduate courses in the current Humanities, Philosophy, Medicine, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology degrees. Some of these courses have been continuously taught since the seventies and will be adapted to forthcoming new degrees resulting from the process of adaptation to the European Higher Education Area. Undergraduate courses offer a general overview of the history of science. Their aim is to allow students to understand the role that science, technology and medicine have played in social transformations throughout time. Over the last few years, the CEHIC has also offered courses open to the university community as a whole.

History allows sciences, biosciences and medicine students to better understand the discipline they are studying, as well as to understand science as a constantly shifting entity in constant dialogue with its milieu. These courses deal not only with transformations within the theories and concepts of each discipline, but also with the practice of scientific activity itself in different contexts and the relationship of scientists with other social groups. Historical perspective fosters a healthy critical attitude towards science. Students can therefore appreciate the ethical dimension of research and the influences of science in society.

In the case of Humanities students, courses are aimed at understanding science, technology and medicine as crucial elements in the conformation of current societies. They offer a general review of the history of science and a basic technical and scientific culture. Furthermore, they show links between science and other realms of human knowledge such as philosophy and religion, and analyze the interactions between science and its context.