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Pasqual   Bernat López

Bernat López, Pasqual

Calvó Monreal, Xavier

Agustí  Camós Cabeceran

Camós Cabeceran, Agustí

Lluís    Cifuentes Comamala

Cifuentes Comamala, Lluís

Nicolás    Cuvi

Cuvi, Nicolás

Dorce Polo, Carles

Carlos Dorce Polo’s research activities focus on the history of mathematics, especially the mathematics developed in Al-Andalus and Renaissance in Spain. Since 2006, he is a lecturer on History of Mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Barcelona (UB).

PhD dissertation UB 2001

La astronomía pre-copernicana de maraga en el Magrib: Técnicas de cálculo en el TAY AL-AZYAY DE MUCHYI AL-DIN EL-MAGRIRI (M.1283)
Supervisor/s: Josep Pla Carrera
Date of defense: 21-12-2001

Galech Amillano, Jesús Maria

Teaches History of Physics and History of Chemistry (at undergraduate level) and Contemporary Science and Society (at graduate level) at the UAB. His research focuses on the history of astrology, alchemy, medicine, mathematics and astronomy in the 17th and 18th centuries, but also on the public communication of science and technology, and the interactions between science and the arts throughout history.

Lecturers and professors at the UAB

PhD Dissertations 2009

 González Silva

González Silva, Matiana

Teaches History of Science at graduate and postgraduate level at the UAB. Her avenues of research include the public image of science and scientific journalism, as well as the history of the malaria eradication programme in the 1950s.

Lecturers and professors at the UAB

PhD dissertations 2008

Pere  Grapí Vilumara

Grapí Vilumara, Pere

José Manuel  Gutiérrez García

Gutiérrez García, José Manuel

Herran, Néstor

Marie-Curie fellow
Institut de Recherche en Sciences et Technologie (IRIST), Université d'Strasbourg

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PhD Dissertations 2006

Massa Esteve, Maria Rosa

Is a lecturer in the Department of Applied Mathematics I at the ETSEIB (UPC) and a member of the History of Science and Technology Research Group (GRHCT-UPC). She teaches History of Mathematics and History of Science at undergraduate and graduate level. Her research is focused on the history of mathematics from the 16th to 18th centuries and the history and education of science.

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Mateos González, Gisela

Nofré, David

David Nofre has a PhD in the history of science from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. In the years between 2008 and 2011 he was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Informatics Institute of the University of Amsterdam. He specializes in the history of computing, with special emphasis on the history of software, programming languages, and European cooperation in computing.

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PhD Dissertations 2006

Núria  Pérez Pérez

Pérez Pérez, Núria

Stefan     Pohl Valero

Pohl Valero, Stefan

Puig Pla, Carles

Is a senior lecturer in the Department of Applied Mathematics I at the ETSEIB (UPC) and a member of the History of Science and Technology Research Group (GRHCT-UPC). His teaching is focused on scientific and technological heritage and institutions, the history of the railroad, technology in ancient China, ancient physical geocentrism, and technical schools. His research is focused on the history of scientific and technological education and heritage (18th and 20th centuries), especially in Catalonia, and science and technology in ancient China and Greece.

PhD Dissertations 2006

Roqué Rodríguez, Xavier

Full-time lecturer
Department of Philosophy, UAB
Is a member of the Centre for the History of Science (CEHIC) at the UAB, which he directed between 2000 and 2010, and a senior lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the same university. At undergraduate level, he has taught History of Science in the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities, and he has served as director of graduate studies in History of Science (2000-2010). He has published studies on the history of the physical sciences in the 20th century, relations between science and industry, and physics and genre. He has also translated or edited texts by Heinrich Hertz, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Niels Bohr in both Catalan and Spanish.

Full-time lecturer

PhD Dissertations 1993


Valentines Álvarez, Jaume